Saturday, January 19, 2013

Knitted baby boots. I found this knitting pattern on the internet the other day. here is the link to it: baby uggs. I don't knit very often (don't have the patience for but when I saw these adorable little baby boots I knew I just had to make them! I had some trouble understanding the directions but was able to figure it out after a couple of hours. it took me about 3 afternoons to finish these...but now that I know how to make them I think they would take much less time and they are pretty simple to make once you figure them out. I really enjoyed making these, and am now searching for more knitting projects to start! if you are like me and don't knit much or have trouble figuring out the pattern then defiantly go to the comments on this project because she explains this pattern in more detail as some other people seemed to be having trouble figuring out some of the steps as well.

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