Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cake pops! love them, I found the book "cake pops by bakerella" this summer when I was trying to decide what kind of cake to make for my little girl's birthday, I bought the book and was super excited to try my hand at making these bear and lion ones. but have to admit I was skeptical that I could make them look anywhere close to as good as the picture in the book, well much to my surprise they turned out great and where a huge hit with my little girl! so if you have ever thought about trying to make these I would go for it but let me share a few tips with you first. 1. they are very time consuming so make sure you set aside pretty much a whole day for this project. 2. do not put nearly as much frosting into the cake pops as it calls for or you will end up with dough ball instead of a cake ball, just add enough so that the cake crumbles can be rolled into balls. 3. the chocolate candy shell is a lot easier to get smooth then the peanut butter...I had to keep warming the peanut butter shell up and adding a bit of oil as well or it would harden up before I could even get the cake pops dipped in it, I did not have this trouble with the chocolate at all though.

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